Tuesday, March 13, 2012

33 wk belly & Nursery Reveal

For the nursery, we decided to just reuse the same bedding that we did for Ari since it was gender neutral. It's Willow by Kidsline, and the deer on it make it great for a woodland themed nursery. Ari's nursery was all purple and girly, so at first it was hard for me to see this bedding with anything else. But finally we came around. 
Levis room is pretty small, so I didn't want to paint all 4 of the walls a dark color, so we decided to leave 3 of them yellow and do an accent wall for the crib. Here is what we came up with:
The trees & birds are a decal from Ebay.  
Owl are a Pinterest craft- toilet paper tube owls, made by me! The original mobile had "manly" flowers but my sister kindly pointed out to me that they resembled swastikas so they had to go! LOL

This room used to be Aris TV room, so the TV will stay until Levi actually starts sleeping in here- which could be anywhere from 6-12 months. All the art was printed by me, and the two matching deer prints are a modge podge creation.
So, yay! Finished nursery! Now I just need to get our master bedroom finished and then I can breathe and feel like Ive gotten everything done before he gets here! 
Here's my 33 wk belly pic.
That's right, no smile this week. I feel like when I smile my nose gets huge! Pregnancy nose please go away! And don't even think of bringing anymore of your friends with you!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Newborn Cloth Diaper Cuteness

So, this is my stash.
This is what I have: 
  • 11 GMD orange edge prefolds
  • 5 snappis
  • 4 Thirsties Duo Covers size 1
  • 2 Muttagin NB
  • 4 Kissaluvs size 0
  • 1 Grovia NB AIO
  • 6 Bumgenius NB
  • 10 Fuzzibunz XS
  • 3 Fuzzibunz OS on NB setting
  • 1 Babykicks OS on NB setting
In total I have 43 changes for the little guy. How did I come up with this number? Total accident, I just kept buying until I felt like I had enough..or too much. However you want to look at it. Of course, to be fair I already had the 4 OS diapers. SO I've actually only purchased 39. LOL, like that is any better!
    I don't expect him to be a tiny baby, as Ari was 8lbs and came out holding her head up with chubby cheeks and fat rolls on her legs, so I am hoping he fits into the BG NB & FB XS pretty quick as I don't have much experience with fitteds and prefolds and I am still kind of leery of them.
    Of course, I will try to review each diaper as he fits into them because I know that is most helpful to all of you expecting mamas!
    I am starting to get nervous about Levis size because at my 29 week appt, the doc told me he was already running out of womb! And this week, I can feel him trying to stretch & push my belly out further and man does it hurt!!! He has got to stay in there for at least 5 more weeks, so he better just get comfy and get used to not being able to stretch out like he usually does!

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Where the heck does the time go?

    Hey there. Well, I am now 32 weeks pregnant, just 8 weeks from having my baby boy. Who now has a name..drumroll please...Levi Bennett! Or as Ari calls him Leeeeeeeeeeave- EYE. She is very excited to see him as she thinks he will be an instant playmate and that he's coming with his own mommy & daddy to live with us too.Here's a photo dump to catch you up on all things Levi.
    26 Week Belly Shot

    30 week belly shot- he really grew in those 4 weeks!

    31 Week 3d Ultrasound- looks like his daddy!

    Again at 31 wks- just like daddy!
    We got to have another 3d ultrasound this morning since at the last one the only good shots we got are the 2 above. He likes to bury his head in my placenta! Hope he breaks the burying his head in things habit before he gets here -or else we will have to watch him like a hawk so he doesn't suffocate himself! 
    In my next post, I will reveal his nursery, have an updated belly shot, and perhaps go over his NB cloth diaper stash. I could die from all the cute! I promise I will be back in a few days, maybe even tomorrow!

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    My monthly check-in!

    I will be 24 weeks this Saturday. Everything so far has been running smoothly with this pregnancy. Still no name for our baby boy. I do have his room 70% put together. His room used to be Aris TV room, now it's both. I figure we will leave the TV in there for her until he gets big enough to actually sleep in his room. Now, instead of telling us she wants to watch her TV she tells us she wants to watch TV in brothers room. So CUTE!
    She is growing so fast, and has gotten so big! I can't believe that in less than 3 months I will have a 3 year old!!!

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    19 weeks!

    I am 19 weeks now, and have finally taken a belly pic that shows my face so I thought I would share.
    Still no official names for our baby boy, although up until today Ari has referred to him as Boy Ariana. Today, she gave him a new name- Ralphie.

    Friday, December 2, 2011

    18 weeks! And it's a...

  • How far along are you?  18 weeks.

  • Total weight gain:  Up 4 lbs.

  • How big is baby?:  The size of a sweet potato-at the ultrasound baby was 7.1 oz!

  • Maternity clothes: Yes, mainly just stretchy lounge pants.

  • Stretch marks?:  Just the ones from Ari.

  • Sleep?: Pregnancy insomnia

  • Best moment this week?:  Finding out the sex

  • Movement?:  Tons, this kid moves nonstop!

  • Food cravings?: I don't really have any cravings. I just want to eat every 3 hours or I am STARVING all of a sudden.

  • Food aversions?:  Italian food, hamburgers, onions.

  • Labor signs?:  Nope.

  • Belly button in or out?:  In for now, it's getting shallow though

  • What I miss:  deep sleep.

  • What I'm looking forward to:  Getting the nursery put together!

  • And ....drumroll please.....
    IT'S A BOY!!!
    Out little alien baby- he's totally waving at us.

    Any name suggestions?  Cause we are stumped.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    This pregnancy is kicking my rear. 16 weeks update.

    Most days, I am puking my guts up all. day. long.
    If I am not doing that I am laid up on the couch with a pounding headache while Ari feeds me her plastic play food trying to make me feel better. On the days that I am puking my guts up she stands by the toilet and cheers me on saying encouraging words like "Good one, Mommy!" and then handing me my toothbrush once that round is over.
    At least she is supportive of me, right?
    Luckily, my energy has come back for the most part the past two weeks so my house no longer looks like it blew up. The hubs really appreciates that.
    Our big ultrasound is November 30th, I don't really care if it's girl or boy. A boy would be great since we already have a girl, but a girl would be great because we already have all girl stuff. Either way we will be happy.
    I don't have any pictures to share this time, because I am lazy.
    The most exciting thing about this pregnancy has been buying cloth diapers. I am so addicted to fluff it's ridiculous. I actually look forward to changing diapers again!
    I will try to update more since I have more energy, but honestly this blog is the last thing on my mind right now.
    Until next time friends...